34 Best Memes of Christian Ponder & Minnesota Vikings Destroyed by the Green Bay Packers

Christian Ponder Meme

Most of the people watching the Minnesota Vikings and Christian Ponder getting demolished by the Green Bay Pakcers were probably feeling sorry for the quarterback at some point, but for those who make memes, it was more of a relishing in the agony and pain moment, stretching on for an entire game.

Ponder isn’t a good NFL quarterback. Everyone knew that. But I’m not sure how anyone else would have done with an offensive line that’s made of toilet paper and tears at the hint of the slightest pressure.

The Packers finished the game with six sacks and 16 quarterback hits. They forced three turnovers, including two interceptions, one of them returned for a touchdown by Julius Peppers. The Vikings scored points only after the Packers were already 42-0 up.

The Vikings might be better off with Teddy Bridgewater once he’s back from injury. But with an offensive like this, it’s going to be a miracle if he manages to stay healthy for the entire season.

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