24 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Losing to the St. Louis Rams

It’s getting more and more difficult making excuses for Colin Kaepernick, costing the San Francisco 49ers a win against the St. Louis Rams, which easily makes him the target of funny yet vicious memes.

Kaepernick had the ball on the one yard line with two seconds to go. The 49ers were down by three points. They could have gone the safe route and take a field goal. But they felt like they had the win. So they called a quarterback sneak instead of going with Frank Gore on a one-yard drive.

The result? Kaepernick fumbled the ball in a game he was hounded down by the Rams’ pass rush, sacked eight times and barely finding time to make throws. He never had time or space to make big runs, so run with him on the biggest play of the game?

The Niners are now 4-4, and with the division looking the way it is, it’s getting more and more difficult seeing how this team, with this offensive line and quarterback, will be able to catch the Arizona Cardinals or even the Seattle Seahawks.

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