30 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Choking Against the San Diego Chargers

Instead of having some sort of blissful moment before a disappointing season is over, the San Francisco 49ers managed to choke and blow a huge lead in a home loss to the San Diego Chargers, with Colin Kaepernick once again the focus of meme jokes, while Philip Rivers manages to make himself out to be a hero despite an awful start.

It’s all about the winner; that’s who people remember. Rivers threw three interceptions through the first three quarters but ended up with four touchdowns, including coming out of two fourth-and-long situations in the drive that tied the game. Kaepernick? He had a 90-yard run for a touchdown, but also a fumble that resulted in a touchdown for the Chargers. He’s the face of the franchise, a team that has just lost four in a row.

For the second time this season, the 49ers find a way to lose big despite leading big. Earlier this season it was against the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler, dropping a 17-point lead. Now it’s a 21-point lead to the Chargers and Rivers.

The 49ers had a chance in overtime but Quinton Patton fumbled it away. On the next drive the Chargers scored a field goal. Jim Harbaugh is probably gone to Michigan, and isn’t doing a very good job of leaving a good impression.

Losing four straight

Erasing the season

Manti's Gfriend

Felipe Rios

From first to worst

The big mistake

Nelson is laughing

More Manti GF jokes


49ers tears

Smith better than Kaepernick

49ers fans

Un-Playoff you

First Half - Second half

49ers choker

Patton didn't fumble

Giants helping out

No more quest for six

Choka Cola


Never heard of her

21 point lead gone


Exit here

NFl laughing at the 49ers

Logging out

Knock the Niners

Two years ago

Small Bolt

Watching TV like

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