31 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Crushed by Richard Sherman & the Seattle Seahawks

The San Francisco 49ers hit rock bottom by scoring just three points against their biggest rivals, with Colin Kaepernick humiliated by Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks, with the memes mostly focusing on those interceptions.

It’s been the word all year – Kaepernick isn’t that good, he’s overrated, and it’s only a matter of time before he really implodes. That moment of reckoning came at home against the Niners biggest rivals in a game that might cost the team the playoff.

Kaepernick was the worst player on his team (not including the coaching staff), throwing two interceptions straight into the hands of Richard Sherman, who left the field holding a giant turkey while shushing the few Niners fans that were left in the stadium.

There’s no doubt now about how good the Seahawks are, even if it’s not as good as last season. There’s also no doubt that big games and especially against the Seahawks are something the 49ers and Kaepernick are afraid of, with the dominance turning into a psychological edge.

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