32 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Humiliated by the Oakland Raiders

There are a lot of people to blame for the San Francisco 49ers seemingly on their way to not make the NFL playoffs. One of them is Colin Kaepernick after another awful performance, helping the Oakland Raiders pick up their second win of the season and easily making him the focus of the cruel memes that came after.

Kaepernick, as we’ve mentioned before, makes himself an easy target. His off the field demeanor, his headphones, the muscle kissing. But is this developing failure on him? There’s a head coach that’s on his way out, an offensive coordinator that’s doing a terrible job, an offensive line (connected to that as well) that’s crumbling and an injury/suspension plagued defense.

And yet Kaepernick, possibly put into the wrong situation, doesn’t seem to improve. His glory relies on some big performances in playoff games, but he’s had more bad games than good ones over the last two regular seasons, constantly showing his inability to make throws when the pressure is on, often missing targets by quite some distance or making it quite clear he has a big problem with reading a play developing.

A talented quarterback, but a limited one in other ways (it’s not all about running, which he hardly does anymore). The 49ers are in a bad situation with tough games left for them to play. As funny as that sounds, Kaepernick might be regarded in an even worse way in a few weeks time. Maybe even badly enough for some fans to call for Gabbert to play?!

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