11 Best Memes of Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid Destroying Liverpool

A rough night and overall rough season for Liverpool, humiliated at home by Real Madrid in the Champions League, while Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on scoring, as memes focus on his excellence and Liverpool’s ineptitude.

Maybe Luis Suarez is really that good. From being the second best team in the Premier League and possibly one unfortunate slip away from winning a championship, Liverpool have looked bad on most of their appearances this season, and are clearly out of Real Madrid’s league at the moment with Rodgers trying to build himself a new squad with some weird signings.

The sad part of Liverpool’s loss was that Real Madrid weren’t that good. Liverpool easily reached the box in the first 20 minutes but a 19 minute blitz from the European champions was enough, as almost every time they got near the penalty box the Liverpool defense and goalkeeper were shaking.

And as for Ronaldo? “Just” one goal, taking him up to 70 goals in the Champions League, one less than Raul. Regardless of your opinion when it comes to the Ronaldo or Messi discussion about who is better, it’s impossible to ignore his ongoing excellence and strive for perfection seen with every little action he makes on the pitch.

Liverpool not a threat

Ronaldo making fun of Gerrard

Here's Ronnie

What really happened


Mignolet Meme

Here come the Man Utd fans

Where did I put it

Last season

Sorry Can't Stop Scoring

Scary Rodgers

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