8 Best Memes of Cristiano Ronaldo Saving Real Madrid

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We’ve seen this again and again. Real Madrid in trouble, Cristiano Ronaldo saving the day in injury time, this time without diving or with any referee assists Los Blancos. Even better, it was a Zlatan-esque goal, which means plenty of memes generated to celebrate that moment.

As we mentioned in the transformation is complete, Cristiano Ronaldo is taking Messi’s place as the world’s most popular player in a trendy way, and not just in who has more likes on Facebook and more followers on Twitter. Every thing he does now, because of the changed perception about him as a person, gets a positive reaction.

The bottom line in all of this? Real Madrid have improved their chances of winning the La Liga title. They still need Atletico Madrid to get three points or less in their next two matches, but there’s no doubt that without that 92nd minute creative moment from the La Liga’s top scorer, the only thing left to focus on for Real Madrid would have been the Champions League.

Now? The treble dream is still alive, and making the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid match at the end of the season super interesting, because all of a sudden Barcelona have a chance to win the title. How does it all play out? Some think Barcelona don’t want Real Madrid to win the championship, unless we’re in for more surprises in the remaining matches, we won’t see the biggest of efforts from the (still) defending champions.