Best Memes of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott & the Cowboys Destroying the Bears

The Chicago Bears seem to be quite irrelevant this season, but getting destroyed (don’t let the scoreline fool you, it wasn’t close) by the Dallas Cowboys with their rookie force of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott landed them in a whole lot of meme trouble.


The Bears weren’t even the center of these memes. That’s how it likes when Jay Cutler isn’t playing. The key to being on a meme is either being completely pathetic (which the Bears aren’t too far from), or having some good players who perform badly, which makes it fun to laugh at them.

Meanwhile, despite the win and the praises to the hurdling Elliott or the surprising Prescott, Tony Romo got his fair share of meme abuse. Why? Well, with Prescott playing so well and Romo being both injured and approaching an unpopular age among NFL players, he might be seeing his backup slowly taking over his starting quarterback position.

The Cowboys are still probably not good enough to be a playoff team, with both their wins coming against teams with losing records. However, Prescott seems like the perfect player to replace Romo behind this offensive line, also enabling a running back committee with Elliott, Lance Dunbar and Alfred Morris have an easy life, filled with touchdowns and yards up the middle.

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