23 Best Memes of Dan Bailey & the Dallas Cowboys Beating the Washington Redskins

The Dallas Cowboys and their playoff hopes are still alive thanks to Dan Bailey, DeSean Jackson, the Washington Redskins and the main focus of the memes after an awful Monday Night Football game: The NFC East in general.

Yes, a 4-8 Cowboys team is only one game behind everyone else in the division, which proudly presents three 5-7 teams: The New York Giants, who can’t stop losing in funny ways, the Philadelphia Eagles who suddenly remembered to win, against the New England Patriots of all teams, and the Washington Redskins, a franchise no one can figure out in a season that keeps getting weirder and weirder.

If the running game isn’t doing anything special and Matt Cassel is well… Matt Cassel, it’s up to Dan Bailey to win the game for the Cowboys. Maybe the best kicker in the NFL hit a 54-yarder to win the game with nine seconds left. The last two minutes were tremendous, after almost one hour of punts and occasional field goals. DeSean Jackson fumbling the ball on a punt return helped the Cowboys score their first touchdown, and a huge kickoff return by the Cowboys set up the game winning field goals.

This was the first time this season the Cowboys won a game without Tony Romo at quarterback. Every first down feels almost like childbirth for the Cowboys, with a decent defense but a painful to watch offense. However, in this division, it might be enough to finish first. They are the only team in the division with a winning record against division rivals.

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