24 Best Memes of Darrelle Revis & New York Jets Destroying Andrew Luck & the Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts look awful, mostly because Andrew Luck can’t stop throwing interceptions, something the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis had a lot of fun with, just like meme makers.

Luck has always been prone to turnovers, but in his fourth NFL season, you expect to see some change. He’s a very good quarterback on most days and yet with the Colts putting so much on his shoulders, there has to be someway to eliminate his mistakes.

In the Colts’ loss to the Jets he threw three picks and fumbled the ball once. Obviously it has something to do with protection, and also the Jets defense being very good, but the Colts are in trouble if Luck can’t shake off whatever it is that’s bugging him.

So while the Colts, for the second year in a row, are trying to deal with an 0-2 start, the Jets are trying to figure out whether they’re for real or not, and how good this defense is, and how long can it carry Ryan Fitzpatrick. And what about Geno Smith? By the time they’ve played the Patriots in week 7, we’ll know for sure.

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