40 Best Memes of DeMarco Murray & the Philadelphia Eagles Crushed by the Dallas Cowboys, who Lose Tony Romo

The memes were brutal following the Philadelphia Eagles losing to the Dallas Cowboys, as DeMarco Murray looks awful, Tony Romo is out for a long time, Chip Kelly can’t get anything to happen on offense and offensive line while Tim Tebow is probably somewhere smiling, waiting for a call.

He’s not going to get it, probably, but it has to feel good, even for a righteous man as himself, to see a team that released him doing so poorly. I read quite a few places suggesting nine-wins is the worst-case scenario for the Eagles.

DeMarco Murray is putting up numbers Trent Richardson would be ashamed of. It’s great that he’s helping out in the passing game, but the Eagles need him to run through holes and help get the ground game going. With the offensive line allowing this kind of penetration, it’s not going to happen.

But bigger than all of these problems is Tony Romo’s injury. The Cowboys didn’t look too bad with Brandon Weeden, but missing their starting QB for at least half a season is going to be a big issue to overcome. After two big divisional wins, the Cowboys need to hope that when Romo does get back, there’s still something to play for.

Running back list Hold it down Dead body Praying to Tebow We will be fine Unemployed Chip Murry missing them Tebow coming back Brucie's time to shine They're hed It's just week 2 Need cooler jerseys Handicap Romo Fake champion Direct TV - Cable joke Mediocre RB Eagles O-line Help me Running to Dallas Stupid Excuses are coming It's real Haha I've made a huge mistake Football is hard Never heard of her Still lose Curse of Tebow Sam Bradford Falling off Outside Jerry's house Fantasy owners be like Plz get up Tony Curse I got him Trust me We have a chance now Oh no Things change Weeden Here it comes

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