24 Best Memes of Derrick Rose Getting Injured Again

It’s only for two weeks, but it’s hard to ignore the tragedy or hilarity of Derrick Rose picking up another injury, another broken bone, as we head into another NBA season. People making memes surely didn’t.

An elbow to the face resulted in massive overreaction, but turns out Rose will be out for just two weeks. Maybe playing with a mask later, but he’ll be back on the court before the regular season begins.

However, when it comes to Rose, it’s hard not to overreact. He missed the entire 2012-2013 season and almost all of 2013-2014 with two separate ligament tears. Last season, his real comeback year, he spent just over half of on the court.

Maybe this is the year he finally plays at least 70 games again. Maybe he can be consistent and almost MVP’ish again. But when things like this happen, it’s not difficult to immediately think of the worst.

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