14 Best Memes of Derrick Rose & the Chicago Bulls Beating LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers

Bulls Cavs meme

For the Chicago Bulls, it’s always them against LeBron James, and only after that whoever his team may be, this time the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the memes focusing on the game 1 dominance on the road.

The Cavaliers, if you need remembering, are without Kevin Love and J.R. Smith, so it’s not that much of an upset that they’ve lost at home. Despite having James and Kyrie Irving, it won’t be a surprise if they’re knocked out of the conference semifinals with Love out, even if Smith does return for game 3.

The best players on the floor were Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. Rose hasn’t faced James in the playoffs since the 2011 Eastern conference finals. The Bulls won the first game in that series but lost the next four (Miami Heat were their opponents then). In 2013, without Rose but with a rising Jimmy Butler, the Bulls won the first game in Miami in the conference semifinals, but lost the next four.

What are we getting at? That it might be too soon for over the top celebrations. It’s just one game, although the start is very promising.

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