35 Best Memes of Derrick Rose & the Chicago Bulls Beating LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers

Game blouses

The whole practice of making memes was meant for moments like Derrick Rose sinking an insane buzzer beater as the Chicago Bulls beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and especially LeBron James.

Because if there’s something the Internet loves doing, it’s tearing down figures like James, who might be one of the most popular athletes in the world over the last 12 years, but he’s also been able to add a long list of haters to the bandwagon.

Rose, on the other hand, is someone everyone keeps waiting to see something special from him. This has been a comeback year, although not without setbacks. But moments like this one, added to the casual, cold-as-ice killer face he put on instead of celebrating, make it so much more appealing to root for this guy.

The Bulls have the Cavaliers in a do-or-die situation leading into game 4 and James, probably still the best player in the NBA, needs to make some adjustments regarding his selfishness on the floor if he wants to make this playoff last past the conference semifinals.

Rose & LeBron Rose like Past & present D-Rose real MVP Hitting the buzzer For every king meme Cool as ice LeBron fans F the king Only one king Realize Can't teach that Talk to me Too good That moment Realistic Talking to someone else Right answer She's cheating Kobe Proud Greatest moment of my life Uh Oh I'm choking I'm Hot Cavs fans like Bulls fans Deal with it Got eem The shot vs the Bank Shot Hurting his knee ESPN after a LeBron loss Lucky What just happened Rose LeBron spanking

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