18 Best Memes of Donald Sterling Getting a Lifetime Ban From Adam Silver

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After going through the effect caused by Donald Sterling and his racist remark, which resulted in Adam Silver banning him for life from the NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers getting a new owner soon enough, it also resulted in plenty of humor at the whole ordeal’s expense, including the likes of momentary celebs like V. Stiviano who won’t last in the limelight for too long, but probably came out as a big winner from this whole experience.

Sterling has had his issues with race in the past, but only this time, as a recording of him criticizing his girlfriend, mistress or whatever she might be to him, for being publicly seen, especially at the team’s games, socializing with black people. Sterling fired Elgin Baylor and got sued for racial discrimination. His real estate business has also been under question as he tried to prevent minorities from renting his apartments. For some reason, this one, because of how blunt and in your face and undeniable it all was, got a lot more exposure.

Sterling was also fined $2.5 million after speaking with Silver and telling him that it was his voice on the tape. There was no escaping repercussions and punishment. Silver has also stated he will do everything in his power to force Sterling out of his current position as owner of the Clippers, which begins by having a vote among the other 29 owners and groups, needing 22 to push Sterling out of the way.

How hard or easy is it going to be? It doesn’t matter. Sterling is a joke and a pariah, and we will pretty soon hear less and less about him and dealings. Once he’s not involved with an NBA team, he’s really not that interesting of an individual. He is also 80, so as one of the jokes says, that lifetime ban isn’t all that bad.

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