18 Best Memes of Eli Manning & the New York Giants Losing to the Detroit Lions

As expected, after Eli Manning had another interception party as the New York Giants lost to the Detroit Lions, the memes and jokes focused on his link to Tony Romo while also mentioning how Calvin Johnson makes Matthew Stafford look like a superstar.

But as always, the center of attention is the quarterback who did worse, which happens to be Manning. A year after leading the league in interceptions and a day after Romo was intercepted three times against the 49ers, Manning put on an awful performance of his own. It didn’t help that his offensive line looked terrible. Manning has been playing this badly for some time now.

And then there were the Lions. Stafford had to do quite a bit of scrambling at times to beat the pass rush, but it usually worked out well for him. It helps to have the best wide receiver in the NFL at your side, someone the allegedly improved Giants secondary couldn’t handle for very long.

Tom Coughlin didn’t have a single good thing to say about his team’s performance as they opened the season with a loss. A striking resemblance to the preseason or last season. Knowing what your problems are doesn’t mean you’ll be able to fix them.

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