20 Best Memes of Floyd Mayweather Before his Fight With Marcos Maidana

As you might have guessed, the memes of Floyd Mayweather heading into his rematch with Marcos Maidana are not about the fight for the most part, instead focusing on his inability to read joke and the more serious case of his past and comments about domestic abuse.

People don’t like forgetting the mishaps, but Mayweather isn’t someone who just helps you forget. He went to prison for a couple of months because he hit his girlfriend (although he maintains he was innocent) and took a lessened charge. He has other alleged accusations against him. And then he opens his mouth about Ray Rice. And then apologizes.

Maybe it’s all an act. Mayweather is smart in the ring. He has done very well for himself money-wise. Maybe this is just a way to increase the interest in the fight, and help the PPV getting sold.

Maidana? A long shot for a second time in four months, but he probably gave Mayweather his closest call since his days at the Lightweight division. Anything other than a unanimous decision will be a surprise, but it’s always dangerous fighting against someone who has nothing to lose and isn’t afraid to show it.

Mayweather Blueprint


Floyd fans

Reading problems

Help from Michael

Reading jokes

Generous Mayweather

Dirty fighting

Thanks for the help

Mayweather fans

Mayweather fans 2.0

Woman beater

Going to jail

The break up

Hard Learning

Reading Joke

Money team

The end

Just you wait


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