7 Best Memes of Floyd Mayweather Having Trouble Reading

One of the more hilarious feuds right now in the world of boxing is the one between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent, as the rapper turned business man made fun of the highest earning athlete in the world by suggesting that he can’t read, which has some funny implications on the whole Manny Pacquiao situation.

There used to be a creepy bromance between Mayweather and Curtis Jackson, but something happened between the two, and it’s not quite clear what. It probably depends on which one of them you believe, but it might have something to do with money.

Mayweather is two weeks away from fighting Marcos Maidana for the second time, a rematch to a rather entertaining bout which went Mayweather’s way with a majority decision, not quite the landslide win he’s used to getting from officials.

There’s no fight with Manny Pacquiao, not any time soon. Still, some boxing fans are still dreaming that the terms of that fight actually happening haven’t given up. In a fantasy land where Mayweather can’t actually read, maybe the only thing stopping it from happening has to do with that and not the huge egos getting in the way.

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