9 Best Memes of Frank Lampard Scoring for Manchester City Against Chelsea

Of all the players in all the world, Frank Lampard had to be the one who saved Manchester City with 10 men against Chelsea, obviously getting the meme makers to focus on him.

Lampard, after over a decade of playing for Chelsea – a club he has won everything with at home and in Europe, didn’t celebrate. His departure wasn’t marred with bad blood between him and the fans. He got a standing ovation from the supporters at the end of the match on both sides, especially the Chelsea one.

It’s weird seeing Lampard in a different shade of blue, but these things happen and quickly change. Raul played for Schalke after Real Madrid. Nothing lasts forever, not when egos and money don’t see eye to eye.

Lampard’s goal didn’t just prevent Chelsea from winning a fifth consecutive game and Manchester City losing for the second time at home. It might have also saved the season from being over before the end of September.

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