32 Best Memes of Germany Destroying Brazil in the World Cup

There are no words to describe the humiliation Brazil went through as they lost 7-1 to Germany in the World Cup semifinal, but there are plenty of memes and jokes at the expense of the host nation instead.

You can try looking for an answer; to try and describe the decline in Brazilian football or what didn’t work tactically. Sometimes it’s everything and nothing coming together. Everything Germany tried to do from the 23rd until the 29th minute worked. Brazil were helpless, dysfunctional, terrible, and the descriptions and insults just keep coming.

If Germany would have kept pressing the gas pedal, it would have been a bigger disaster, if one can imagine something worse than losing as the host nation, in a tournament you’re one of the favorites to win if not the biggest one. Mesut Ozil could have made it 8-0. Oscar made sure that at least they got a goal. Not that anyone card.

Tears, heartache, pain and later some vandalism all came together in what might turn out to be the most memorable World Cup match of all time in a few years (or many) from now. For those who’ll look up results and won’t understand what just happened on the pitch at Belo Horizonte, this post might come in handy.

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