25 Best Memes of Jay Cutler & Chicago Bears Destroyed by Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

A loss that possible puts an end to any hopes the Chicago Bears had about the playoffs this season, or of Jay Cutler becoming the kind of quarterback who get paid the kind of money he is. Memes focused on the beating they took at the hands of the surging Tom Brady & New England Patriots.

Cutler has returned to his interception ways, looking panicked and rushed each time his pocket doesn’t hold the fort against a less than formidable pass rush from the Patriots. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is getting plenty of time to complete his throws, making him look elite once again.

So are the Bears done? Probably. With a defense that can’t stop anyone and an offense that the “genius” leading it from the sidelines is devastatingly under performing, it’s hard to see them recovering from their 3-5 start, with both the Packers and the Lions above them in the division.

At least they’re not the Minnesota Vikings, but only one win is separating the two teams. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots are on a four-game winning streak, three of them in double digits, and are well on their way towards another division title.

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