17 Best Memes of Jay Cutler & the Chicago Bears Destroyed by the Detroit Lions

Any hope of the Chicago Bears making the playoff ended with a dud on thanksgiving which included losing to the Detroit Lions and Jay Cutler throwing some more interceptions, obviously making himself the star of a lot of memes.

This isn’t the explosion of three weeks ago which got plenty of attention around the web, but there never is a real ending to the ways you can make fun of Cutler.

Besides, this time, it really wasn’t that much his fault. He has a head coach who seems to be winging it until he gets the pink slip, and the Bears defense was the worst of this holiday, slightly worse than the Cowboys, and that’s saying a lot.

While the Lions suddenly look like they might actually make the playoffs for only the second time in this decade, the Bears are on their way to making it four years in a row without playing in the postseason, and the front office will be scratching their heads about the contract they gave Cutler.

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