9 Best Memes of Kawhi Leonard & the San Antonio Spurs as NBA Champions

Before the NBA slips into its offseason-preseason phase which means rumors, free agents, draft and trading, the San Antonio Spurs and especially their Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard have one last chance to enjoy the memes and jokes that mostly praise them as NBA champions. We tried to keep LeBron James out of this, but it was impossible.

Why? Well, because part of what made the Spurs so appealing to all the “neutrals” was them facing the Miami Heat, and especially their chance of ruining James’ drive to reach the 3-peat, which would have “made” him like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Leonard and the Spurs stood in the way. It might also have been such a hit that the Heat won’t come back looking the same way next season, although it’s too soon to tell. The Spurs shouldn’t be too different going into next season, which is a big problem for the league.

An interesting question has to do with Leonard: Is he really a star, and at the same level of excellent and especially on offense like Duncan, Parker and Ginobili were at their best? Some say that without Popovich, like plenty of Spurs players, he wouldn’t be as good. But as long as he is playing under Popovich, the NBA has plenty to worry about the rising small forward who reached a whole new level this month.

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