17 Best Memes of Kevin Love & the Cleveland Cavaliers Sweeping Kelly Olynyk & the Boston Celtics

Kevin Love meme

The Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Boston Celtics in the first round series of the playoffs, but Kevin Love getting his shoulder dislocated by Kelly Olynyk stole the show in the eyes of the meme makers, even taking a moment to rest from hating or loving on LeBron James.

Love has been great for the Cavaliers, at least as far as the +/- numbers are concerned, in the postseason, his first playoff experience. Now, with a dislocated shoulder popped back into place, he might have to sit out at least the first game of the conference semifinals.

Olynyk wasn’t ejected for what many referred to as a Bush league move. Love thinks it was intentional. It probably was. Another player to delve into some dirtiness was J.R. Smith, hitting Jae Crowder in the face. He was ejected.

And LeBron James (we can’t not mention him)? He did a very good job in this series, averaging 27 points, 9 rebounds and 6.5 assists in this series, without ever looking like he’s trying too hard. He’s one player the Cavaliers don’t have to worry about.

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