18 Best Memes of Kirk Cousins & Washington Redskins Destroyed by the New York Giants

From savior to laughing stock. Kirk Cousins threw four interceptions, the Washington Redskins got destroyed by Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The memes are obviously making fun of the situation by referencing to Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III and even the better of the Manning brothers, Peyton.

Why are people still surprised when Eli Manning has a good game? He does have two Super Bowl rings. He isn’t the most consistent or accurate (until this season) of quarterbacks, but he does have very good games from time to time, huge ones even.

Cousins? One good game or even two don’t make him a superstar or even better than Robert Griffin III. He doesn’t break down at the slightest touch, but he also threw four interceptions which is hard to recover from. He also fumbled the ball once while getting sacked. In short? It wasn’t a very good day.

So how good are the New York Giants? Hard to say. The Redskins have talent in their receivers, running backs and defensive line. The rest? Below average at best. Kirk Cousins might be a better fit to the offensive system Jay Gruden runs, but there’s a lot more to work on besides quarterback.

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