14 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Knocking Out the Boston Celtics

The Eastern conference finals are over, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James taking care of business in game 5. The meme makers had a bit of fun with the number one seed Celtics, but mostly spent their time praising James.

And for good reason. It wasn’t just his dominance throughout the series, extending his impressive playoff performances. He set the record for points in the NBA playoffs, surpassing Michael Jordan, which everyone knows means quite a lot to the legacy-focused James.

The Cavaliers now move on to a third consecutive NBA final, which is also the 7th in a row for James, who went to four in a row with the Miami Heat before returning to Cleveland. Basically, 2010 is the only year this decade with James playing in the finals.

However, in the final it’ll be a rematch, in fact the third meeting in a row between the Cavs and the Golden State Warriors. Hopefully, it won’t be as one-sided as all of the playoff series for both teams. We might not get a 7-game classic like last year, but something a little bit more competitive would be greatly appreciated.

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