30 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Stunning the Chicago Bulls

The streak of buzzer beaters continues, this time with LeBron James erasing a terrible game to beat the Chicago Bulls and tie the series for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As always with James, the memes split between supporters and haters.

So what are James/Cavs haters griping about now? That James and the Cavaliers got a free timeout because of the review by the officials before the play. The Cavaliers had already run out of timeouts, but the review gave them time to set up the final play. Everyone in the league does it.

David Blatt was actually about to call a timeout by the refs missed him doing it, and Tyronn Lue held him back from doing it, reminding him that there are no timeouts. He almost lost the Cavaliers the game.

So after a BB from James two days after Rose hit a special one of his own, are we in for another nailbiter straight down to the end? Or maybe this series has a good old fashioned blowout in game 5, just like we had in game 2?

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