Best Memes of LSU Firing Les Miles

The end of an era everyone saw coming: LSU say goodbye to Les Miles by way of firing him, resulting in a few Crying Jordan memes, and others celebrating his incompetence as a head coach.


One doesn’t win a national championship and build a power program in the SEC without being a good coach and especially recruiter. However, things haven’t been very good for Miles and LSU for quite some time, at least compared to previous seasons. The biggest problem was the neighbours from Alabama making them look bad. Saban made him look bad.

Miles was almost fired last season, but somehow survived the attempt to oust him, maybe just because of the costs in a state where money is running out and fast. However, firing him now isn’t exactly cheap, and it feels like his inability to develop a good quarterback became the number one problem for a team that just wasn’t very special anymore.

Miles was always linked to Michigan, but that job is probably taken for a few more years. Where to next? Miles is 62, so there aren’t that many years left for him to coach at the highest of levels. It’ll probably take the season to end and for some seats to get hot before we know where he’s going. LSU, in the meantime, go with Ed Orgeron, knowing he’s not going to stay past this season.

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