30 Best Memes of Lionel Messi & Barcelona Destroying Jerome Boateng & Bayern Munich

One half of the revenge against Bayern Munich is complete for Barcelona, but everyone is still talking about what Lionel Messi did to Jerome Boateng, with the memes coming out and filling the Internet non stop.

What did Messi do? One simply feign, one motion to the other side and Boateng lost his balance. The more beautiful part of that goal was the chip over Manuel Neuer, but people like to remember the part when a centre back fell from getting his head dizzy.

Vintage Messi. Even before the goals his dribbling was brilliant, putting Barcelona in some fantastic positions. His passing was sublime, but he left it all for the final 13 minutes of the match: One goal from outside the box, another great chip and then a perfect assist to Neymar.

Messi, if there was any doubt, is the best footballer in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo can score all the goals he wants. Maybe we’ll have a Champions League final between the two teams to add another chapter to his made up rivalry.

Obama care joke

RKO Joke


Before & After

Is this football

Boateng after the game

He shouldn't do that

Is messi still there

Jerome Boateng tree

Twister Boateng


I know that feel bro

Didn't see that coming

Messi second goal

Urkel joke

He kne

In the coffin

yo Dawg

Messi bath


Oh no

No more chips

7 up who

Slide meme

Barcelona right now

Boateng be like

Controller meme

Go to bed

Messi Boateng joke

He wan't ready

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