15 Best Memes of Liverpool Failing in Title Race

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It would have been the sports story of the year (aside from the World Cup) if Liverpool had gone on to win their first Premier League title in 24 years, but dropping a three goal lead against Crystal Palace to finish in a draw that feels like a loss and the end of the world means that once again, the championship probably won’t be theirs and people are gloating through memes.

Liverpool were on the winning side of the most famous three-goal comeback in history in that Champions League final against Milan back in 2005. Now, they’re on the other end of the stick, as the Internet and those who aren’t fans of the team are taking their shots at a club that is once again relevant, so is fair game to make fun of, unlike most of recent years.

This doesn’t diminish the great season Liverpool have had. Brendan Rodgers took a club he didn’t do too well with last season and has made them legitamate championship contenders with the best attack in the Premier League. No matter how this season ends, it has been nothing but success. But it’s always about the tone of how you finish it.

So suddenly some are saying Rodgers isn’t that much of a genius; that his defense was bad all along and he didn’t do enough to fix it. Most people only care about what happened now, and not the way to get there or anything more than the bottom line. It’s a sad day for Liverpool fans, a happy one for haters. But when the dust settles, this has been a great season for a club back on the rise.

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