24 Best Memes of Louis van Gaal & Manchester United Losing to Leicester

Because of one win and a whole lot of expensive signings, Manchester United fans through they were in the clear. Turns out things are just as bad as ever for Louis van Gaal and his dysfunctional team, with the memes being crueler than ever as well.

In the front? Falcao, Van Persie, Rooney and Di Maria while Juan Mata is on the bench. In defense? Nothing much. And that approach cost Manchester United a win they had in the bad.

They led 2-0 and 3-1 over Leicester City yet crumbled under the physicality and pace. No one to calm things down, no one to help the team regroup and get a hold of themselves. Just utter panic, confusion and ultimately defeat.

The effects of not having Ferguson on the sidelines or Howard Webb as a referee anymore won’t disappear, as another penalty which shouldn’t have been called help sink the Red Devils ship.

Howard Webb coincidence

Same Same


The Difference

Coin Toss is something

Back under the rock




Missing them

2014 team photo




No way

Miss me

Lion & Kitten

Penalty to Leicester

Poor Louis



The lead is gone 2.0

Destroying easier than building

That escalated quickly Van Gaal

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