20 Best Memes of Luis Suarez & Uruguay Beating England in the World Cup

It hasn’t been long since Luis Suarez scored twice to possibly knock England out of the World Cup, leading Uruguay to victory. The memes? They’re mostly making fun of the English team, Steven Gerrard, Roy Hodgson and the whole Liverpool connection.

It was another tragic night for Steven Gerrard. His missed tackle allowed Uruguay to score the first goal and his backheader, or missed header to be more exact, provided the assist for the winner. A Liverpool goal indeed, only one which helped out Uruguay.

Maybe Suarez will have mixed emotions about his goal a day later, but probably not. He might have teammates and friends on the English team, but for him and for his teammates on the Uruguay team, there was nothing but the victory, as their backs were against the wall as well.

And England? This might be a new low for them in the World Cup – knocked out in the group stage, despite not playing all that badly in the two matches. Poor defense, poor finishing and some very poor choices from Roy Hodgson might have helped them out getting back home a lot quicker.

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