19 Best Memes of Manchester United & Louis van Gaal Losing to Swansea

Just one match and a loss has been enough for the Internet to turn on Louis van Gaal. No longer a Manchester United savior, but simply a continuation of the legacy left by David Moyes, who was the king of the memes last season, and can finally be seen smiling in this year’s version. It wasn’t a very good day for Ashley Young as well.

So what are the jokes and memes focusing on? Mostly on Van Gaal going through the same process as Moyes. The cheers and love at the start. Only this time, Manchester United fans aren’t quite as patient as they were last season. They have a manager who was a European champion and has won titles with every club he’s coached. They were promised big signings, and find it hard to believe that their club might not be as great as they were led to believe.

Van Gaal’s tactics might need more time to stick, but the Manchester United situation is about more than tactics. It’s about a squad that’s been built in the wrong way for quite some time, and the long lasting damage can’t be fixed without an influx of big signings, that aren’t that eager to arrive now that Alex Ferguson is gone and there is no Champions League football in sight.

And a word on Ashley Young? He got a bird to crap in his mouth. Some say that it’s good luck when that happens. But the bigger question has to do with how come someone like Young, who has been a massive failure since signing with the club in 2011, is still starting and getting minutes when it’s clear he isn’t capable of filling the roles Van Gaal has intended for wingers in his new setup?

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