12 Best Memes of Manchester United & Louis Van Gaal Still Looking Terrible

Another week, another match. Manchester United under Louis van Gaal, even with Angel di Maria in the lineup, look mediocre at their best, and embarrassing for too many moments, which obviously hasn’t been helping the team when it comes to getting some sort of soft treatment from meme makers.

Maybe one day the jokes will run out, but for now, it’s still not boring seeing Manchester United look this terrible against what just might be the weakest team in the Premier League. However, the sad part just might be that few were surprised with the ability or the result.

Angel di Maria played in the lineup but was used as a central midfielder. It’s hard to understand the reasoning behind paying so much for one player due to his fantastic play as a winger for Real Madrid and Argentina and then playing him in a completely different position.

Maybe it’ll get better. Can it get worse before that? Hard to believe there’s a lower point than the 4-0 loss to MK Dons, but considering that Manchester United are doing so poorly during an easy run of games, there’s not a lot to be optimistic about when things become a bit more difficult.

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