19 Best Memes of Marcus Mariota & Tennessee Titans Humiliating Jameis Winston & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The anticipated debuts of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston ended in a knockout win for the former Oregon quarterback as the Tennessee Titans crush the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, resulting in a lot of memes making fun of the losing side.

And Winston is someone who draws attention and criticism anyway, so seeing him do so poorly on his debut was impossible to ignore, as his first pass was intercepted, returned for a touchdown. Mariota’s first pass? Nice little play action fake and a short dump pass that resulted in a touchdown.

That was Winston’s biggest problem: Not his sub .500 completion percentage or the two interceptions while his team lost by 28 points. It was the fact that he was facing Mariota, the guy taken one spot after him in the 2015 NFL draft.

One game doesn’t mean anything, but with the small sample size of just one game, it’s the Titans who made the right choice, not the Buccaneers.

Mariota vs Winston

Regular number one

Not a good choice

I taught him

Funny Jameis

First vs second pick

Genius Bayless

Same thing

They suck


JaMarcus Russell 2.0


Buccaneers fans right now

Can't tell

You chose, poorly

This isn't Publix

No connection

Red lobster hiring

Winston turnovers

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