30 Best Memes of Mark Sanchez & the Philadelphia Eagles Stunned by the Washington Redskins

The Philadelphia Eagles are almost done for the season, losing to the Washington Redskins with some more crucial Mark Sanches interceptions and Bradley Fletcher “elite defending” leading to a throng of memes making fun of the playoffs getting away from them.

A team that was 9-3 just three weeks ago, leading the NFC East following a win against the Dallas Cowboys on the road. The Eagles themselves made fun of Cowboys players following that game. What happened next? Lost at home to the Seahawks, lost at home to the Dallas Cowboys and on the road to the awful Washington Redskins, helping Robert Griffin III taste victory for the first time this season.

The happiest man on the field at the end of the game was DeSean Jackson, formerly of the Eagels, burning them again and again for big gains. Bradley Fletcher was the corner who got burned time after time, as he did in the loss to the Cowboys when trying to cover Dez Bryant.

There’s still hope for the Eagles, but it’s going to be in the form of the Cowboys losing their next two games, the Eagles winning their last win in New York and maybe some other results if it becomes an issue of wild card spot. A season that looked so promising, and the Eagles might actually be taking a step backwards when it’s over.

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