16 Best Memes of Marshawn Lynch, Pete Carroll & Seattle Seahawks Failing Against the St. Louis Rams

Of all the things to focus on from the St. Louis Rams stunning the Seattle Seahawks for a seconds straight season, it has to be Pete Carroll running the ball on 4th & 1 with Marshawn Lynch and getting stopped, making it an easy thing to pick on for the meme makers.

This takes us back to the Super Bowl. The Seahawks are on the verge of scoring a touchdown against the New England Patriots and win the game. It’s basically on the goal line. They choose to pass, and it gets intercepted. Pete Carroll has said a number of times he’s not going to be able to shake off that play from his memory.

So in overtime, after the Rams take a 34-31 lead on a field goal, the Seahawks have a chance to tie or win the game. They drive down the field, and get to a 4th and one situation. This time, everyone knows they’re running the ball. So even Marshawn Lynch, who earlier in the game was able to carry five players on his back before getting stopped, couldn’t get it done.

The numbers show that on such a play, running with a quarterback is better. And that Lynch is one of the least successful running backs in the league in 4th & 1 situations. But Pete Carroll had to run this time. And it failed.

Bring on the excuses

Legion of sppon

Go Hawks

What about that contract

Run the ball they said

Seahawks fail again

Least mode

The twitter said

Sucking at decisions

Shoulda thrown a pass

The bandwagon leaving Seattle

Chancellor waiting for the call

The right play

Disturbance in the force

What should i do

Seahawks OC

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