9 Best Memes of Miroslav Klose Rescuing Germany Against Ghana in the World Cup

So Germany are in trouble against a fantastic Ghana team. In comes Miroslav Klose. The result? Perfectly predictable: A goal that makes him joint top scorer of the World Cups along with Ronaldo, Germany avoid a loss, Somersault that doesn’t work out too well and memes and jokes memorizing the moment.

One of the most popular memes at the moment is the one about Michael Schumacher waking up from his coma and being surprised by results in this World Cup. There was nothing surprising about Ghana taking the lead within 10 minutes against Germany during the second half. For those watching the match it was clear: Ghana was the better team.

Besides Klose scoring his 15th World Cup goal in four tournaments, the third player to score a goal in four different World Cups, there was Thomas Muller missing out on his ninth World Cup goal in just two tournaments, but also getting a huge bloody gash on his head after it collided with an African shoulder.

Ghana need some outside help to make the World Cup last a little bit longer. Germany? They didn’t impress, but they remembered what a scoring asset they have on the bench, who is very likely to score again if given the chance.

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