17 Best Memes of O.J. Simpson Getting Out of Prison

So, O.J. Simpson is getting out of jail, and the memes – funny, dank and some of them cruel, were soon to follow.

Many people tend to forget, but Simpson, a hall of famer in both the Pro Football HOF and the College Football HOF, isn’t in prison for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. He was acquitted of those in the trial for murder, but was found liable for wrongful death in the civil trial. He went to prison for a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas. But now he’s coming out.

So people who have been holding on to all the glove jokes, Kardashian jokes, Ford Bronco jokes and what not finally got a chance to show off their humor, talent or just less-than-savory ideas.

It’s hard to tell what Simpson is going to do now – probably try to enjoy his NFL pension. Maybe another book. Maybe a reality show. Something tells me it won’t be easy for him to stay under the radar for too long after he gets out in October.

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