29 Best Memes of Odell Beckham Making the Best Catch in NFL History

It had to be something very special for everyone to forget the New York Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys, and there’s no doubt that Odell Beckham making a spectacular catch deserved the attention it got from all the meme makers.

But the bottom line? Besides Beckham making a Matrix-like catch? The Giants lost. Yes, they have a very promising receiver they can rely on for the future, and in a crummy season like they’re going for that’s not something you can take for granted, but it was another bad day for a bad team in a bad season.

Beckham? He’ll now get plenty of attention each week. He has shown some promise, especially since Victor Cruz went down with an injury, but this touchdown and his performance in general propelled him into a whole new level of notoriety.

Is this the best reception of all time? I’m not sure. Randy Moss might have something to say about it. And it’s meaning is diminished when it comes in a loss, another one in a bad and disappointing season.

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