8 Best Memes of Percy Harvin & Seattle Seahawks Beating the Washington Redskins

Maybe as a ploy to keep things interesting, the Seattle Seahawks had to see three touchdowns taken away from Percy Harvin due to different penalties which was the focus of the memes after their win over the Washington Redskins, but Roger Goodell and terrible defense didn’t get left out.

Conspiracy? Probably not, but why not throw one out there: The NFL were worried about the Seahawks running all over the Redskins and causing a blowout, so it came down to the officials stopping three touchdowns by waving them away. In our opinion? The first two calls were good. The third one for blocking someone who is already on the ground? Made no sense calling that one back.

It didn’t matter. The Redskins simply aren’t good enough, even at home, to handle a team of the Seahawks’ caliber. Richard Sherman wasn’t perfcet, something fans love to point out, but it didn’t matter. Kirk Cousins had no help from the running game, while Russell Wilson put on what possibly was his finest performance since becoming an NFL player.

The Seahawks will have more difficult tests this season than playing the Redskins on the road. It’s hard to believe that a home game against the Dallas Cowboys will prove to be that stern test.

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