30 Best Memes of Peyton Manning & the Denver Broncos Destroyed by Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

For the third straight season, Peyton Manning comes with the Denver Broncos to play the New England Patriots and gets sent home with a loss and something of a lesson from Tom Brady, as meme makers take the Brady side of the argument about the best quarterback in NFL history.

Maybe one of them is. Maybe both of them aren’t. It doesn’t matter. The important thing was Manning getting very frustrated with his receivers having their routes taken away from them by an excellent Patriots secondary game plan. Meanwhile, Tom Brady just threw to Gronkowski and Edelman. As long as his protection was fine, he didn’t have a lot to worry about.

Brady now has an 11-5 advantage over Manning in their head-to-head. That’s a really bad way of comparing players, even quarterbacks, but it’s just a way to fan the flames of the fire that’s always burning when it comes to discussing and arguing about who is better.

The bottom line from this? Both teams are at 7-2, meaning the AFC and the race for home field advantage is wide open. As for Brady and Manning? It was too soon to crown one of them, and too soon to dismiss the other as washed up.

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