16 Best Memes of Real Madrid & Cristiano Ronaldo Winning the Champions League

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As expected, the biggest club match in the world which turned out to be a derby between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid also resulted in quite a few memes and jokes, ranging from making fun of Cristiano Ronaldo and his celebrations, Sergio Ramos walking away like a boss from the final, haters and Barcelona fans being disappointed and also a little bit of something about the referee.

Björn Kuipers did a good job all through the match. He didn’t mess up his one big call on a penalty kick, although it was in a stage that was garbage time, with Real Madrid already leading by a couple of goals and not time left. Most of the criticism went to him for adding five minutes after the second half. Sergio Ramos didn’t need all five minutes to score the equalizer, but it didn’t help Atletico Madrid feel any better about letting the lead and title slip away.

Ronaldo was terrible all match long, spending his time doing nothing in the middle of the pitch. It didn’t stop him from scoring a penalty kick and celebrating like he just won the match for his team in the 120th minute. However, no matter what Ronaldo would have done, it wouldn’t have come out right, as the amount of love and adoration for the star is equaled by the hate and negativity he manages to generate just by being himself.

Jokes aside and with all sympathy to Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid were better when it counted, and had some huge efforts from Sergio Ramos and Angel di Maria to pull through despite some weak performances from the likes of Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe it was all written in the stars the moment Aaron Ramsey scored his FA Cup final goal, but Carlo Ancelotti, winning his third Champions League trophy as a manager, probably had something to do with it as well.

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