19 Best Memes of Richard Sherman & the Seattle Seahawks Cheating & Still Losing

Everyone was waiting around the corner for the Seattle Seahawks to lose their first game of the season. Super Bowl champions or not, the memes came out sharp and deadly, making fun of their loss to the San Diego Chargers, focusing on one of the more arrogant players in the NFL, Richard Sherman.

A very good cornerback, but also one that loves to flaunt his abilities. He didn’t get torched in the loss, but he was unable to contain Keenan Allen, who caught every pass that was thrown in his direction. Sherman didn’t interview after the game. He loves to talk after wins.

The biggest moment of controversy was Percy Harvin running for a 51-yard touchdown and stepping out of bounds. In the NFL, with its fancy review booths and technology, it turns out that these kind of things aren’t overruled. This isn’t the first time the Seahawks make the most of an idiotic officiating mistake which could have been easily overturned.

One loss doesn’t mean anything. The Chargers are simply a very good team, especially when Philip Rivers plays like there’s not an ounce of fear in him. But it did make a lot of people happy to see an arrogant (and excellent team) finally lose.

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