30 Best Memes of Roger Goodell & Ray Rice Ruining the NFL

The Ray Rice elevator violence is turning into the Roger Goodell [email protected]#$%^ up saga quite quickly, with meme makers focusing on both the former Baltimore Ravens running back and the possibly soon-to-be-out-of-a-job NFL commissioner and their follies over the last few months.

Goodell keeps digging himself a deeper hole. Not all of it is his doing, but information keeps coming up that makes it impossible to ignore not just the incompetence of the NFL in its handling of the Ray Rice situation, but probably a cover up of some sorts inside the NFL offices.

Conclusion? It’ll be impossible to ignore another mishap when it comes to punishment and discipline from Goodell, who might have let power and control go a bit too quickly to his head. The owners don’t want to fire Roger Goodell, but they might not have a choice by the time everything is revealed.

And to think that if the NFL initially would have given Ray Rice a much harsher punishment – shall we say eight games out; and let’s say he would have served some prison time. Maybe it would have all blown over? What if’s scenario are great for fantasy, but reality is usually even more ridiculous.

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