16 Best Memes of Russell Westbrook & Oklahoma City Thunder Missing the NBA Playoffs

Westbrook Meme

Because the San Antonio Spurs lost to the New Orleans Pelicans, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder won’t be in the 2015 NBA playoffs, and the Internet is having a laugh through memes.

Westbrook ends up being the scoring champion of the league, but he’s not too happy about it, at least not now. An incredible season for Westbrook, but he ends it empty handed. He, the franchise, are about making a run for the title.

As much as it’s fun to make jokes about Westbrook shooting so much, if it wasn’t for his 30-35 points a night (that came with a lot of shots), the Thunder wouldn’t even be in a position to make the playoffs. Not with Durant out, and later also Serge Ibaka.

So Westbrook ends the season how he played it. Angry, with a chip on his shoulder, scolding and taking it out on the media, who he loves to blame for everything. Turns out that the subpar coaching job from Scott Brooks might finally be catching up with him, and the Thunder are evaluating his future with the team.

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