26 Best Memes of Sam Bradford & the Philadelphia Eagles Choking Against the Atlanta Falcons

There were plenty of topics for meme makers to dissect following the Philadelphia Eagles blowing it in the finish against the Atlanta Falcons: DeMarco Murray not getting anywhere without a good offensive line, Byron Maxwell getting torched by Julio Jones and Sam Bradford not getting injured.

Bradford threw a crucial interception after the Eagles missed a field goal that would have given them the lead. The Falcons managed to escape after an awful second half, but have plenty to be happy about, mostly Julio Jones, possibly the best wide receiver in the NFL right now.

Bradford played like he did during his bad days in St. Louis and did need X-rays at the end of the game, but he seems to be OK. At least for now, Bradford lasts one game without picking up a season ending injury.

While Maxwell looked quite stunned and overwhelmed on the poor Eagles defense, DeMarco Murray, despite his two touchdowns, struggled going anywhere behind an offensive line that struggled when it comes to run blocking. He’s a good running back, but for now, the Oklahoma tandem at QB and RB doesn’t look good for the Eagles.

Your new team sucks


Week 1 losing face

MIssing Tebow

Direct TV vs Cable - Byron Maxwell

Outta Atlanta


Watch me whip

Star for Bradford

Murray without O-Line

Road to Super Bowl blocked

Happy Tebow

What are those

I'm leaving

Not included

No one worth a jersey

Good luck

B max daddy

He' still Bradford

Game of Jones

Defense looking good

Leonard Washington

The song of my people

Nick Foles missing him

Almost had it