15 Best Memes of Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors Beating James Harden & the Los Angeles Clippers

The first game is out of the way, and as the memes point out, it wasn’t just a victory for the Golden State Warriors over the Houston Rockets, but also dominance for Stephen Curry against James Harden.

Curry outscored Harden and outplayed him all through the game, delivering some clutch 3-pointers and the free throws shot that sealed the game. Based on this game alone, his is Da Real MVP, as Kevin Durant would have said.

THe key moment in this game was a 9-0 run the Warriors went on with the game tied at 97-97 less than four minutes from the end. But the Warriors, playing small ball, just like the Rockets, did the smart thing: They took advantage of how bad James Harden is defensively, scoring all their points through picks on him.

This series is far from over, but considering what we’ve seen in game 1, it’s going to be very difficult for the Rockets to find a consistent answer to the advantages their opponents have.

Stephen Curry & Daughter

Curry vs Rose

I always do

She's the real MVP

Live dangerously

Harden isn't the MVP









This ball