8 Best Memes of Steve Smith & Baltimore Ravens Destroying Cam Newton & Carolina Panthers

Missing you

Playing against your former team? Always a high potential for a meme fest, as Steve Smith explodes against the Carolina Panthers, leading the Baltimore Ravens to victory, and meme makers to make fun of Cam Newton.

It’s not just the inferior receivers Newton has. He’s not playing well. He isn’t mobile, and makes the offensive line look bad by not being able to move away from pressure. He has never been a quick draw when it comes to throwing under pressure, and not having Smith makes it even more difficult.

Meanwhile, Smith, the best player in the history of the Panthers franchise, is doing quite well in Baltimore. He has an offense with a quarterback who released the ball quickly and a few more receivers who make it easier for him to get open at his old age.

And the Panthers? Last season seems like the abnormal. The defense isn’t that good all of a sudden and the offense got embarrassed two weeks in a row against AFC North teams. Bad days indeed.

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