15 Best Memes of the Atlanta Hawks Knocking Out Paul Pierce & the Washington Wizards From the Playoffs

Another amazing finish with Paul Pierce at the center of it, and again the Atlanta Hawks walk away as winners, with meme makers focusing on the Washington Wizards running out of luck, and maybe having a leader that talked a little bit too much.

Pierce has attempted four huge shots in the closing seconds of games in this series. Three times he actually made the shots, one time he missed it. Only one of those shots gave his team the win. Once his bank shot landed, and Pierce told everyone, arrogantly, he called game. A second time he made it but Al Horford scored to win it on the other end. Pierce shouted series at the Hawks’ bench before losing the game.

And one final time he made the shot, but it turns out he didn’t release it in time, and so the Hawks walked away, barely, with a 3-point win, and move onto the conference finals to face the Cavaliers.

Pierce himself had a good season and an even better playoffs with the Wizards. Despite his ability to not just contribute but be a major factor, the game 6 loss to the Hawks is possibly the final time he’ll play in the NBA>

It didn't count

When it doesn't count

The truth

Series over

He didn't call series

Didn't count

We called series

Derrick Rose as Paul Pierce

Cruel Schroder

Didn't call series

Game blbuses

Paul Pierce like Michael Jordan

Truth hurts

Your shot is too late

The truth hurts

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